Tattoo Design Policy


Before tattoo designing is started, a client must pay a $100 deposit. This is an agreement between the artist Ivan Vesely and the client. This contract becomes null and void if the $100 deposit is not received by the artist. In the case that the client wishes to take the design to another tattoo artist for application, or the final design cannot be worked out, or the client decides not to obtain the tattoo, the deposit will remain with Ivan Vesely. The artwork/design created for the client must be accredited to Ivan Vesely. No other person shall be given false credit for the works. If this occurs, the person giving false credit will be liable in court for fraud. The client will receive a copy of the work, not the original. The rights to the original work is held by Ivan Vesely.

 This is to ensure that the time placed into the design is not wasted. The design of the tattoo will be completed by an agreed upon date, and in agreement to the client’s specification as best as Ivan Vesely can render. The cost of the tattoo application will be determined by the size and elements of the tattoo. Most tattoos can be applied within a four-hour session at the total cost of $300 (including the deposit). However, the cost may change according to amount of time the application takes. Variables include (but are not limited to) pain tolerance of the client, intricacies of the design, number of colors, and gradients, etc.

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